Thursday, April 17, 2014


Next garden Meeting is April 30th @ 5pm in the garden weather permitting, otherwise the meeting will be in Bryan’s room.

The first work day is Saturday May 4th.  The list of work Items include; fix the green gate, repair the north fence, seal the garden door, build kiosk, and clean up the west side of the garden area, move rock and build a permaculture bed.  Should be a piece of cake.  Come for an hour or two or the whole day!

The second work day is scheduled for May17th, the Stanford people will be here so wear red and make Paul and Bobbi happy.

Denver Urban Garden’s compost training schedules are out. We need gardeners to take the training so we can be a Jeffco pilot composting school.

Little and not so little plants are sprouting up all over school.  There are grow tables  in hallways and classrooms.  Check out what is growing in Chris’s, Bryan’s, Mary/Ana’s, Jimi’s, Per’s, Lauren’s and Dave’s rooms.  Chris's room smells like soil and growing things.

Two garden beds are planted with spring crops of greens, radishes, peas, and potatoes!

The Mother’s day plant sale is coming soon. We need some volunteers to help run the sale the week before Mother’s Day.  Chris’s garden class  will take Friday so we need volunteers for Wednesday and Thursday.

We  are compiling a  wish list for the garden, what do you think we should wish for?  

Tuesday April 29 is the day of the School Garden Summit at the District
.   Emily said that subs were available.  So sign up.  by April 18.